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Série JCT Forno especial para produtos farmacêuticos

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Modelo: JCT

Descrição do produto

Especificações O vapor de ar passa somente pela superfície da matéria-prima no secador de câmara tradicional

JCT Oven for Pharmaceutical


The air steam passes through only the surface of raw material in traditional chamber drier. The disadvantage is that the coefficient of raw material only in traditional level chamber dryer. The disadvantage is that the coefficient of heat transfer is low, the drying time is long, and it has defects in structure, can not be in conformity with the requirements of "GMP". In order to over-come the shortage, we designed and developed the penetrating air stream chamber dryer on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology. The principle of work is shown in the diagram below.
The fresh air is sucked by fan and then filtered by pre, post and sub-high efficiency to achieve 10,00 grade clean effect. Pass through steam heat exchanger the temperature of air rises to certain temperature. The heated air passes through flow distributor enters every layer, passes through each layer of raw material to be dried, humid air is exhausted through the inclined air channel under the drying tray. Part of the air circulates in the system.

To avoid pollution of product caused by circulation air, all circulation air passes through post and high efficiency filters. It is in conformity with the requirements of GMP.
Compared to traditional horizontal chamber dryer, its capacity of drying is larger. The thickness of raw materials each layer can be over three times.
Compared to traditional horizontal chamber dryer, its drying area is large and its efficiency is high. Its capacity of drying might be several times higher, the cost is reasonable.
Applicable to dry various kinds of granules and block of materials.
Easy in operation, convenient in parts exchanging, low in faults.
There are air filter at air inlet and air outlet. Therefore the dried raw materials can not be polluted and the quality of product can not be effected too.
The hot source can adapt steam, oil or electric heater.




dry amount of each batch (Kg) power(KW) steam consumption (kg/h) area of heat (m2) amount of air (m3/h) temperature difference between up and low (°C) size of drying tray quantity of drying tray overall dimensions (mm) weight(kg)
JCT-C-I 100 4 40-80 50 4000-7300 ±2 550×610×80 10 2350×1400×2280 2200
JCT-C 200 7.5 80-120 80 7200-15800 ±2 530×610×80 20 3100×1600×2700 4000

materials dyestuff pharmaceutical catalyst resin product of kiln amino acid
capacity(kg) 200 260 370 35 100 200
initial moisture(%) 60 65 - 35 31 50
final moisture(%) 0.3 0.5 - 10 3 2
mass density(kg/l) 0.56 0.5 0.92 0.8 0.51 0.5
temperature of hot air(°C) 60 80 400 150 100 80
drying time(h) 5 6 - 3 40 1
drying area(m2) 6.5 5.8 4.6 0.63 6.6 6.8
heat source steam stream air stream electricity stream

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